Data Recovery

Data Recovery in Perth by the Pros

OTIYS Tech provides you with quality data recovery service in Perth. OTIYS Tech is located in Mount Hawthorn. But we will offer our Computer repair service to all customers in West Perth, Scarborough, West Leeder Ville, Leeder Ville, Osborne Park, Joondanna, Yokine, North Perth, Mt Lawley, Glendalough, Tuart Hill, Wembley, Nollamara, Jolimont, Coolbinia and other suburbs in Perth.

It is important to back up your data frequently to avoid any disappointment. However, there are always early signs of failure which can be acted upon before the data is completely lost. Therefore it is absolutely vital to know these signs and fix it straight away. Once the data is completely lost, the cost and time spent on data recovery in Perth are much higher than fixing it before it completely crashes.

Signs that indicate you might lose the data on your device in the near future:

  • If your computer or laptop works slower than usual or if it freezes frequently, you would better make a backup of your data before it is too late. We can make a quick backup of all your device data using our special software, saving up on time and money.
  • If your hard drive is not recognised or detected by your Operating System
  • If some of your files cannot be opened, saved or copied
  • If you hear clicking, grinding and strange noises from your hard drive
  • If you hear buzzing or beeping sound
  • If your device asks you to format your hard drive or that it cannot be formatted
  • If there are no signs of power or spinning once your hard drive is connected to your device
  • If there are signs of virus and malware infection
  • If you receive file system corruption

However if you unintentionally deleted any data off your devices regardless of its type, brand and damage, We can still assist you in recovering data off your damaged devices with our data recovery tools and techniques. In most cases, it could be more destructive to your data if you keep using or messing with it aimlessly to get it working, while it can be easily diagnosed with the right equipment. After our inspection of the causes and costs of data recovery, you can decide on our quote. In cases that the damage is beyond repair and recover, no fees are charged.